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What Stocks Are This Week’s Biggest Gainers and Losers? – June 3, 2021

Today’s top stock gainers and losers provides a fast overview of which stocks are performing well, and which ones are not. This provides you with a comprehensive summary of stocks that have shown the greatest positive or negative growth on the market. Here are this week’s biggest gainers and losers for June 3, 2021. 

Top Gaining Stocks for This Week

Let’s review the top gainers for this week thus far:

1. LexinFintech Holdings Ltd – Up 27.84%

LexinFintech Holdings Ltd (LX). They are a consumer finance platform that operates online. For its Chinese customers, the group mainly provides online direct sales services and online consumer financial services. LexinFintech Holdings has risen by 27.84% today and last closed at a price of $11.68.

2. Canaan Inc – Up 25.23%

Canaan Inc (CAN). They are a provider of digital blockchain computing equipment and a designer of supercomputing processors. Canaan’s equipment is marketed to a variety of countries, including China, the United States, Hong Kong, and other overseas nations. Canaan Inc has risen by 25.23% today and last closed at a price of $10.51.

3. Aesthetic Medical International Holdings Group Ltd – Up 24.33%

Aesthetic Medical International Holdings Group Ltd (AIH). They are a Chinese company that provides aesthetic medical treatments. Non-surgical medical procedures account for the majority of their sales earnings. Aesthetic Medical International Holdings has risen by 24.33% today and last closed at a price of $10.73.

4. Uxin Limited – 23.78%

Uxin Limited (UXIN). They are a holding company based in Beijing, China. With its mobile applications and websites, the company operates used car e-commerce channels. Uxin Limited has risen by 23.78% today and last closed at a price of $4.58.

5. Ebang International Holdings Inc – Up 20.42%

Ebang International Holdings Inc (EBON). They are a chip design business that specializes in application-specific integrated circuits, or ASICs, as well as a producer of efficient Bitcoin mining rigs. Ebang International Holdings has risen by 20.42% today and last closed at a price of $3.48.

Top Losing Stocks for This Week

Let’s review the top losers for this week thus far:

1. Immunovant, Inc – Down 27.9%

Immunovant, Inc (IMVT). Its goal is to help people with autoimmune illnesses live normal lives. Immunovant is looking at treatments for myasthenia gravis (MG), thyroid eye disease (TED), and warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia (WAIHA). Immunovant has dropped by 27.9% today and last closed at a price of $10.93.

2. NRX Pharmaceuticals, Inc – Down 12.71%

NRX Pharmaceuticals, Inc (NRXPW). Nurx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a pharmaceutical business that specializes in retinoid and rexinoid chemical research and development. Nurx Pharmaceuticals, Inc specializes in medicinal compounds and botanicals. This stock has dropped by 12.71% today and last closed at a price of $7.78.

3. Eton Pharmaceuticals, Inc – Down 11.33%

3. Eton Pharmaceuticals, Inc (ETON). Eton Pharmaceuticals Inc is a speciality pharmaceutical firm established in the United States. The business is involved in the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical medicines to meet an unfulfilled patient necessity. Eaton Pharmaceuticals Inc has dropped by 11.33% today and last closed at a price of $6.26.

4. Bel Fuse Inc – Down 11.23%

Bel Fuse Inc (BELFB). They are a company that designs, produces, and sells a variety of devices that power, preserve, and interconnect electronic circuits. It was founded in 1949. Bel fuse has consistently proved its capacity to excel in a wide range of product categories and sectors. Bel Fuse Inc has dropped by 11.23% today and last closed at a price of $14.63..

5. Day One Biopharmaceuticals, Inc – Down 10.15%

Day One Biopharmaceuticals, Inc (DAWN). They recognize that improvements in cancer research have made it possible for medication researchers to identify children and adults who might benefit from the same treatment. We are a one-of-a-kind firm dedicated to discovering and developing innovative cancer treatments. Day One Pharmaceuticals has dropped by 10.15% today and last closed at a price of $21.28.

Which Stocks Should You Invest In?

To find prospective trading opportunities, traders usually look at both volume and volatility. Traders should begin by looking at data about the corporation, sector, and the economy at large before making any investments. If you would like to learn more about investment opportunities then you should consider contacting a financial advisor.