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What Stocks Are This Week’s Biggest Gainers and Losers? – June 10, 2021

Today’s top gainers and losers offer a quick snapshot of which stocks are functioning favorably. This gives you a good snapshot in time of which stocks are performing well, and which ones are underperforming.

The top gainers and losers are shown below for June 10, 2021.

Top Gaining Stocks for This Week

Here are the stocks with the biggest rise in stock price for this week.

1. Clover Health Investments, Corp. – Up 50.36%

Clover Health Investments, Corp. (CLOVW). They are a digital healthcare firm that was previously known as Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp III. Its plans include hospitalization, doctor visits, and prescription medication coverage

2. Clover Health Investments, Corp. – Up 45.89%

Clover Health Investments, Corp. (CLOV). Seniors receive Medicare Advantage (MA) plans from this company. This stock has become the new focal point for small-time amateur traders on social media sites, who have spurred dramatic rallies in heavily shorted US companies this year.

3. Vera Therapeutics, Inc. – Up 22.75%

Vera Therapeutics, Inc (VERA). They are a clinical-stage biotechnology business specializing in the development of medicines for immunological and inflammatory illnesses. Its primary goal is to create and commercialize transformational cures.

4. Cyclerion Therapeutics, Inc. – Up 16.91%

Cyclerion Therapeutics, Inc (CYCN). The firm is dedicated to realizing the full therapeutic potential of the NO-cGMP pathway in order to treat a wide spectrum of critical CNS illnesses. They have the knowledge and commitment to provide new medications to patients.

5. GBS Inc. – Up 15.22%

GBS Inc (GBS). They are developing and introducing diagnostic tests that are desperately required to help eradicate COVID-19 and transform the lives of individuals suffering from diabetes using the world’s first Biosensor Platform.

Top Losing Stocks for This Week

Here are the stocks with the biggest dip in stock price for this week.

1. Hookipa Pharma Inc – Down 20.08%

Hookipa Pharma Inc (HOOK). They are a clinical-stage firm that is developing medications to prevent and treat infectious illnesses as well as cancer. They wish to alleviate the pain of those suffering from distinct and serious medical disorders.

2. CureVac N.V – Down 14.18%

CureVac N.V. (CVAC). They are a German biopharmaceutical business that develops messenger RNA therapeutics. The company’s primary emphasis is on the development of vaccinations for infectious illnesses as well as medications to treat cancers and uncommon disorders.

3. AC Immune SA – Down 8.98%

AC Immune SA (ACIU). They are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business established in Switzerland. Precision medicine for neurodegenerative illnesses is the core focus of the company.

4. ViewRay, Inc – Down 8.75%

ViewRay, Inc. (VRAY). They are the first company to offer an FDA-cleared and CE-marked MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy cancer treatment system.

5. Leslie’s, Inc – Down 7.55%

Leslie’s, Inc (LESL). The largest retailer of swimming pool goods and similar products in the country is Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies store. Leslie’s sells a wide variety of pool care materials.

Should You Invest in the Top Stocks?

When making any investments, traders should look at statistics about the organization, and the sector as a whole. If you want to learn more about investing options, you should speak with a financial advisor who can help in your investing journey.