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What Are the Top Performing Stocks in the Non-Energy Minerals Sector – June 9, 2021

Non-energy minerals are important components of basic industries and everyday life in the United States. They contribute to the long-term viability of local infrastructure and economic prosperity.

The following are the best-performing stocks in the non-energy minerals sector for the week of June 9, 2021.

1. U S Concrete Inc. – Up 29.17% this week

U S Concrete Inc (NASDAQ: BB) is up 29.17% this week. They are a corporation based in the United States that focuses on concrete and heavy construction aggregates. It was established in 1999 and is based in Euless, Texas. 

2. Smith-Midland Corporation – Up 10.55% this week

Smith-Midland Corporation (NASDAQ: SMID) is up 10.55% this week. They are well-known for its stone and concrete products. Contractors and federal authorities purchase the company’s proprietary precast concrete products.

3. Gatos Silver, Inc. – Up 10.41% this week

Gatos Silver, Inc (NASDAQ: GATO) is up 10.41% this week. They (GSI) are a silver business established in the United States that focuses on high-grade, massive silver discoveries in geopolitically stable areas.

4. Perpetua Resources Corp. – Up 9.05% this week

Perpetua Resources Corp (NASDAQ: PPTA) is up 9.05% this week. They focus on gold-antimony-silver deposit discovery, site rehabilitation, and redevelopment. They develop essential resources responsibly for our country’s future security and sustainability, led by a dedication to Idaho’s wealth and resources.

5. Centrus Energy Corp. – Up 8.79% this week

Centrus Energy Corp (NASDAQ: LEU) is up 8.79% this week. They are a reputable provider of nuclear fuel and services to the nuclear power sector. Centrus is developing centrifuge technology in order to restore America’s domestic uranium enrichment capabilities.

Should You Invest in this Sector?

The Non-Energy Minerals Sector is mostly made up of highly cyclical, commodity-based enterprises that can be very  lucrative. If you want to invest in diverse areas of the stock market, you should consider hiring a financial advisor to assist you.