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What Are the Top Performing Stocks in the Health Services Sector – July 14, 2021

The health services sector in the United States is one of the largest and most complicated in the world. The healthcare industry encompasses a wide range of businesses, ranging from research to production to facility management. The speed of change in health care is being driven—and accelerated—by consumers.

Here are the top performing stocks in the health services sector this week for July 14, 2021.

1. GreenBrook TMS Inc. – Up 10.72% this week

GreenBrook TMS Inc (NASDAQ: GBNH) is up 6.56% this week. They are a provider of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), a non-invasive, FDA-approved therapy for the treatment of severe depression. The firm was formed on February 9, 2018 in Toronto, Canada, and is based there.

2. Sanara Medtech Inc. – Up 4.56% this week

Sanara Medtech Inc (NASDAQ: SMTI) is up 4.56% this week. They are a biotechnology company that develops, markets, and distributes products to physicians, hospitals, and clinics. CellerateRX Surgical Activated Collagen Adjuvant and HemaQuell Resorbable Bone Hemostat are among the products available. The firm was established in 1982 and is based in Fort Worth, Texas.

3. Finch Therapeutics Group – Up 3.31% this week

Finch Therapeutics Group (NASDAQ: FNCH) is up 3.31% this week. They are a microbiome medication development company. Human-First Discovery is a component of its platform that allows for reverse translation of clinical data to design the microbiome composition based on disease-modifying processes.

4. National Research Corporation – Up 2.90% this week

National Research Corporation (NASDAQ: NRC) is up 2.90% this week. They provides analytics and insights to help patients, employees, and customers keep their jobs. Michael D. Hays started the firm in 1981, and it is based in Lincoln, Nebraska.

5. Fresenius Medical Care AG – Up 2.79% this week

Fresenius Medical Care AG (NASDAQ: FMS) is up 2.79% this week. They are a company that sells products and services to people who have chronic kidney failure. It also creates and manufactures a range of health-care products, including dialysis and non-dialysis solutions. The firm was formed on August 5, 1996, in Bad Homburg, Germany, and is based there.

Should You Invest in the Health Services Sector?

The worldwide health-care personnel, infrastructure, and supply chain have all been challenged by the demands of COVID-19 pandemic over the last year. The modern healthcare business is split into several areas and comprises three key branches: services, products, and financing.

If you want to invest in a number of stock market sectors, a financial adviser may be able to assist you.