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The Best Crypto Exchange Sign Up Bonuses

If you’re looking for the crypto exchanges that offer the best sign up bonuses, then there are many things to consider. Country  of origin, promotional offers, which cryptos you plan on choosing, and how long you plan on holding are all factors to be taken into account.  

Whether you are signing up purely for the offer or you already have an exchange in mind, be sure to take advantage of these sign up bonuses. Here’s a list of exchanges with sign up bonuses that are relatively consistent.

Before you sign up, check your eligibility for the sign up bonus…

One factor that could affect your ability to qualify is if you are able to complete a KYC, or AML verification. Some crypto exchanges use KYC (Know Your Customer) for verification and require you to complete this process before you are able to claim your bonus. In order to complete a KYC, you may need to reside within an eligible country. 


US based Coinbase is one of the most popular and well known crypto exchanges. Sometimes working with an exchange can feel like operating a pilot cockpit but that is not the case here as it also has one of the most easy to work with user interfaces.

The bonus program is very straightforward – signup and receive $10 immediately. Even if you want to get started with an alt coin, you can always send that money to another wallet.


At a $25 bonus, Voyager offers one of the highest rewards for an exchange with a minimum trade requirement of $100. It also has around 70 crypto assets that are tradable.  

Two other perks of the exchange include a commission-free trade structure (although other fees may apply) and the ability to order a debit card (which isn’t an option on many other exchanges).

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KuCoin offers up to $500 for new users. In order to retrieve the bonus you will have to complete KYC and AML verification.


BlockFi awards those that hold an account balance of over $100 for over 75 days. If you are able to do that, then you can get a pretty sizable bonus, and the more you hold the more money you get back. That being said, the reward sizes are not proportional to how much money you hold and the best benefits go to those who hold $100 as you will get a $15 bonus. You can get a $250 bonus, but you have to hold over $100,000 in order to do so.


Hodlnaut is a great choice for long term holding because you can earn anywhere between 7.46% APY (annual percentage yield) and 12.73% APY a year depending on your choice of stablecoin: BTC, ETH, DAI, USDT, USDC, or WBTC. 

To earn your $20 reward, users must invest $1,000 within one week of signing up.  The interest account also offers weekly payouts, no-lockins, no minimum deposit (unless you want the bonus), and easy withdrawals.


Gemini is another trusted crypto exchange that has an offer that makes it easy to get in the door. If you invest $100 within 30 days of opening your account, you’ll receive a $10 bonus.

Gemini supports around 48 cryptocurrencies including a number of stablecoins and ERC-20 tokens and is based in New York City.


BitBuy is a Canadian exchange that currently supports about 15 of the most popular tokens. There is a $20 bonus that requires a $250 investment. At this time, there is a time length that you need to keep a balance in order to qualify for this investment.


eToro has recently added US support and has been a staple across the globe for some time. With around 41 coins, it also offers a diverse set of options for investment. One of the things that we like most about eToro is it’s simplistic and modern design. 

For a limited time, you can join eToro and get a $10 bonus when you trade $100 in cryptocurrency. It’s likely that when this promotion ends, another one will begin, so check back often if you’re a fan of this exchange.


Robinhood is the app that went mainstream as it pertains to investing in stocks, but it also has several cryptocurrencies. One annoying factor of Robinhood is that it takes three days to withdraw your funds, but every other aspect of it is a problem. It is the most popular platform to trade Dogecoin.

The bonus refers to stock, and there is a chance you could get $250 in free stock – however it’s a 98% chance that the stock’s value will be below $10. Robinhood has plans to add more crypto’s in the future, and the mobile app is super clean.


WeBull is another platform similar to Robinhood and offers a similar bonus. Sign up and receive anywhere between $2.50. and $250 if you open a brokerage account and $12 to $1,400 if you trade with $100 or more.

WeBull offers access to around 20 cryptocurrencies and is beating Robinhood on that front and has more coins in the works.

Celcius Network

Celcius Network has a number of different promotions running which differ based on which coin the reward is offered in as well as how much you have to invest in order to receive that coin. Each reward requires you to sign up with a different referral code.

You can receive anywhere between $10 if you invest $50 and $2,000 if you invest $250,000 and a number of different rewards in-between – making it one of the most diverse bonus programs.


Crypto.com is going to be the new name of the staples center (where the LA Lakers play) soon. It also is another exchange with a very nice mobile app. It has a unique sign up bonus where if you stake at least 1000 $CRO, you will receive a $10 bonus.

1000 $CRO could definitely turn out to be a great investment and they also offer a range of other benefits for new users.


Next offers a range of about 20 different crypto assets. In order to qualify for the $25 reward (which is delivered in BTC) you must make an initial investment of $100 and hold that investment for 30 days while an advanced verification takes place


Unifimoney is currently offering a multi-tiered promotion with a plethora of different payouts depending on how much you invest. It’s one of the few exchanges that rewards whale investors out there and offers a $5,000 bonus for those that invest $500,000 or more.

They still are looking out for the little guy as well, and will dish out a $25 bonus for those that invest $1,000. To claim your reward you must hold your investment from anywhere between 30 and 90 days depending on the payouts that you desire (as long as you meet the minimum investment for that payout).


ZenGo isn’t technically an exchange, but rather a digital wallet. However it still works much the same way in that you are able to trade crypto on the platform.

Currently the company is offering $10 of BTC if you trade with $200 on the platform. They also offer a 5% APY on your Bitcoin.