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What Stocks Are This Week’s Biggest Gainers and Losers? – July 22, 2021

Which way is the stock market trending today? What stocks are performing the best, and which ones are underperforming? Let’s review the top gains and losses seen on the stock market today.

The stocks that gained the most and fell the most on July 15, 2021 are listed below.

Top Gaining Stocks for This Week

Here are the stocks with the highest price increases this week that you should keep an eye on. Following the top stock market risers may offer investors with a wealth of helpful information to assist them in making smarter investing decisions.

1. Marin Software Incorporated. – Up 23.82%

Marin Software Incorporated. (MRIN). This is a San Francisco-based internet advertising firm. This corporate marketing software platform enables companies and agencies to optimize search, and display advertising campaigns across the world’s top publications.

2. Travelzoo. – Up 18.64%

Travelzoo (TZOO). This company’s shares were trading higher on Wednesday after the business announced its second-quarter financial results, which showed that sales increased from the previous year.

Travelzoo is a website that publishes travel, leisure, and local business promotions.

3. Hyzon Motors Inc. – Up 17.31%

Hyzon Motors Inc. (HYZNW) is a global manufacturer of zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles such as heavy duty trucks, buses, and coaches.

Hyzon co-founders George Gu, Craig Knight, and Gary Robb lead the firm.

4. Universal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc. – Up 16.04%

Universal Stainless & Alloy Products, Inc. (USAP). They manufacture and sell semi-finished and completed specialty steel products. Since the beginning of the year, Universal Stainless stock has increased by around 35%.

5. Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd. – Up 15.25%

Grindrod Shipping Holdings Ltd. (GRIN). This company operates internationally under two major brands: Island View Shipping and Unicorn Shipping. IVS and Unicorn Shipping manage, charter, and run their modern fleet of dry bulk carriers, goods, and chemical tankers.

Top Losing Stocks for This Week

The stock market has many fluctuations on a day to day basis. At times, stocks take a big dip which could provide a prime buying opportunity.

Here are the stocks with the greatest price drops this week that you should keep an eye on before making any investments.

1. Ikena Oncology, Inc. – Down 12.28%

Ikena Oncology, Inc. (IKNA). This is a clinical-stage biotechnology firm that finds and produces patient-directed, biomarker-driven cancer treatments. Ikena Oncology also works on the development of novel immunometabolic cancer treatments.

2. Fulcrum Therapeutics, Inc. – Down 12.16%

Fulcrum Therapeutics, Inc. (FULC). This clinical-stage biopharmaceutical business focuses on developing medicines to improve the lives of people with genetically determined illnesses in high-unmet medical need regions in the United States.

In addition, the business is identifying therapeutic targets for the treatment of muscular, central nervous system, and hematologic diseases.

3.  Lumos Pharma, Inc. – Down 11.85%

Lumos Pharma, Inc. (LUMO). This is a biopharmaceutical firm in the clinical stages that is developing medicines for uncommon illnesses. They are an accomplished management and investment team with extensive scientific and medical development experience.

4. Cyteir Therapeutics, Inc. – Down 11.51%

Cyteir Therapeutics, Inc. (CYT). This company is working on the next generation of synthetic deadly cancer treatments. They are developing ground-breaking answers to the key issues that cancer researchers face today.

5. HCW Biologics Inc. – Down 10.95%

HCW Biologics Inc. This is a cutting-edge preclinical stage biopharmaceutical business dedicated to the discovery and development of new immunotherapies.

Should You Invest in the Top Stocks?

Looking at the top gainers and losers may assist you in identifying stocks that have been significantly impacted by a public offering or other industry news. For a variety of reasons, investors find it beneficial to examine the biggest stock winners and losers.

You should speak with a financial advisor if you want to learn more about investing choices.