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Let’s Take a Look at This Weeks Top Performing Sectors – June 9, 2021

Using sector-based investment approaches, you may capitalize on changing economic trends. Investing in several stock sectors helps you to diversify your portfolio by gaining targeted exposure from firms in certain economic areas.

1. Non-Energy Minerals – Up 23.67 % This Week

Non-energy minerals are essential components of basic industry and daily life in the United States, and they help to sustain local infrastructure and economic growth.

U S Concrete Inc (NASDAQ: BB) is up 29.17% this week. U.S. Concrete, Inc. is a corporation based in the United States that focuses on concrete and heavy construction aggregates. It was established in 1999 and is based in Euless, Texas. 

2. Technology Services Sector – Up 21.45% This Week

The Technology Services Sector revolves around Software, Computers, Hardware, and Equipment that helps tech companies optimize and improve their services. This sector continues to improve because of all the new technological innovations being made every year to attract new consumers. 

Blackberry Limited (NASDAQ: BB) is up 19.49% this week. BlackBerry Limited is A Canadian corporation that concentrates on corporate software and IOT. It established the BlackBerry brand, which includes interactive pagers, smartphones, and tablets.

3. Industrial Services Sector – Up 20.89% This Week

Companies that produce and distribute capital goods are included in the Industrials industry. Aerospace and military, construction and engineering, and electrical equipment and heavy machinery are only a few examples.

Pure Cycle Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: PCTTU) is up 12.55% this week. PureCycle Technologies, Inc. is a recycling company. The company creates a proprietary recycling method that separates color, odor, and pollutants.

4. The Transportation Sector – Up 18.67% This Week

The transportation sector includes companies that focus on air freight, airlines, marine, railroad, and transportation infrastructure. Oil prices can have a huge impact on the performance of this sector because it’s essential for most forms of transportation.

Euroseas ltd (NASDAQ: ESE) is up 28.66% this week. Euroseas, Ltd. is a shipping corporation that was created in the 1900s and came to light in 2005. The company’s headquarters are in Maroussi, Athens, Greece.

5. Electronic Technology Sector – Up 16.77% This Week

The Electronic Technology Sector focuses on the development, design, and assembly of electronic devices. The Electronics Technology sector encompasses multiple industries including industrial communications. Electric components, Consumer communications, and Telecommunications.

EXFO Inc. – Subordinate Voting Shares (NASDAQ: EXFO) is up 60.41% this week. EXFO is a firm that creates test equipment and service assurance devices for fixed and mobile telecommunications networks. 

Should You Invest in the Top Sectors?

Once you’ve found a successful industry, you’ll need to choose which stocks to buy based on the best available options. Consider contacting a financial advisor who can help you choose the best stocks to invest in.