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How To Buy LinkDoc Technology Limited IPO Stock (LDOC)

LinkDoc Technology Limited, located in Beijing, China, is a prominent oncology big data business. This company’s aim is to make precision medicine and customized care a reality by using data and artificial intelligence to discover the story of every patient’s journey. 

With our guide, you’ll learn how to buy stocks and participate in the LinkDoc Technology Limited IPO.

What Is LinkDoc Technology Limited IPO Date?

LinkDoc Technology Ltd (NASDAQ Global Select: LDOC) is a prominent oncology big data business. This company is poised to offer 10,825,000 shares of stock on the Nasdaq Global Select on the week of July 9th at a price range between $17.50-$19.50.

Quick LinkDoc Technology Limited History 

LinkDoc provides a private hospital that is compliant with the HIPAA Act in the United States. When combined with financial security solutions, patients’ privacy and data may be protected without concern. 

LinkDoc Technologies are a prominent oncology real-world big data business based in China, with the mission of bringing care data and care life together. They have created a proprietary machine learning and human language processing technique that allows us to organize millions of clinical EMR records into research-grade data.

They are creating LinkDoc solutions based on real-world big data in order to provide better cancer treatment to clinical doctors, the healthcare sector, and patients.

Outlook for LinkDoc Technology Limited IPO

LinkDoc Technology has created China’s top data-driven network infrastructure for precision medicine, which includes LinkCare, a digital ongoing care platform for patients with critical diseases; LinkData, an Artificial intelligence curation framework for longitudinal medical data; and LinkSolutions, which is a data-driven life sciences solution framework. 

As of March 31, 2021, they have developed a countrywide network of 34 patient care centers. Shan He and Tony Zhang founded LinkDoc in Beijing in 2014 to deliver healthcare services based on big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to give the most up-to-date cancer-focused care.

The Good and the Bad of LinkDoc Technology Limited IPO

Holding stock or shares in a firm has various advantages. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of being a LinkDoc Technology Limited shareholder.

Pros of Owning LinkDoc Technology Limited Stock 

  • LinkDoc Technology Limited has collaborated with over 500 first-tier hospitals in China, spanning over 30 provinces and regions.
  • LinkDoc Technology Limited has treated over 3.5 million patients and provided longitudinal care for over 2.5 million patients since April 2015. They have grown to become China’s largest patient-centric cancer continuous care platform.

Cons of Owning LinkDoc Technology Limited Stock 

  • LinkDoc Technology Ltd recorded a net loss of 135.4 million renminbi ($21.17 million) this year, up from 61.6 million renminbi the previous year.
  • LinkDoc Technology must be concerned about the United States enacting legislation that may result in international firms being delisted from American stock markets within three years if they fail to meet the country’s auditing criteria.

Steps to Buy LinkDoc Technology Limited IPO

To buy the LinkDoc Technology Limited IPO, you must first establish a brokerage account, then a trading account, deposit funds, and then start buying shares.

Step 1: Select Your Preferred Brokerage

To purchase LinkDoc Technology Limited shares, you must first select a brokerage. Remember to do your homework. Your broker should mirror your investing goals, whether you like aggressive trading or a more conservative strategy.

Step 2: Open Your Trading Account

After you’ve determined which brokerage is appropriate for you, you’ll need to create an account with them. This account may be used to keep track of all your stocks.

Step 3: Deposit Funds Into Your Account

You’ll be able to deposit funds to acquire LinkDoc Technology Limited shares once you’ve added a payment method to your account. The next step is to pick how many LinkDoc Technology Limited stock shares you want to purchase.

Step 4: Search for the LinkDoc Technology Limited (LDOC)

On the stock exchange, a ticker symbol is important because it identifies each publicly traded stock. LinkDoc Technology Limited plans to go public on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol LDOC.

Step 5: Purchase LinkDoc Technology Limited Stock

To purchase LDOC shares, you must complete the following:

  1. Choose an action type.
  2. Put the amount of shares you’d like to purchase in the box below (or sell).
  3. Simply press the “buy” (or “sell”) button.

Should You Invest In LinkDoc Technology Limited IPO

For patients with critical illnesses, the LinkCare Platform is a patient-centric online continuous care platform. To assist patients, the platform combines online and physical methods. 

They provide tailored follow-up care through their call centers and digital platforms, as well as allowing patients to contact physicians online and obtain personalized illness management services through our Internet hospital. 

The convergence of healthcare and digital technology has been critical in providing customers with better treatment at a lower cost. Speak with a financial advisor if you want to learn more about how to invest in IPOs.