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How To Buy Apple Stock (AAPL)

Apple is a technology company based in the United States that trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker AAPL. Our guide will show you how to open an account with a brokerage firm and begin investing in apple stock. This article describes how you can purchase shares of a company to help diversify your portfolio.

Quick Apple History 

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, two college dropouts, formed Apple Computers, Inc. on April 1, 1976. Apple went public in 1980 and became a commercial success almost immediately. Apple introduced the Macintosh in 1984, which was the first desktop computer without a programming language. 

The founder of Apple Steve Jobs went on to reveal on January 9, 2007, that Apple Computer, Inc. will now be branded as “Apple Inc.” because the company’s focus had changed from computers to electronic devices. Also, in 2007, the first version of the iPhone was made available to the general public in many countries. Over the past decade Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices have gone on to become tremendously popular all around the world.

The Good and the Bad of Apple Stock

Owning shares of any company comes with benefits and disadvantages. Let’s review some of the specifics involved with being an Apple stockholder.

Pros of Owning Apple store Stock 

  • Apple is still one of the most popular consumer technology companies in the World. Apple’s sales and earnings, as well as AAPL stock, are expected to continue to rise in the future.
  • Apple’s iPhone, iPad, MacBook’s, and smartwatches remain among the most popular electronic devices in the world. Consumers will continue to purchase Apple shares because they’re so attached to their custom iOS ecosystem

Cons of Owning Apple Stock 

  • Although AAPL stock is inexpensive when compared to its rivals, it is still expensive in comparison to its historical average stock prices.
  • Apple’s (ticker: AAPL) stock has dropped nearly 5% since the firm released financial reports last week. In the last eight trading hours, Apple stock has had five days of unfavorable returns.

Outlook for Apple Stock

Apple released financial statements for the second quarter of fiscal 2021, which concluded on March 27, 2021. The company reported record sales of $89.6 billion in the March period, up 54 percent year over year, and $1.40 in quarterly earnings per diluted share.

The board of directors of Apple went on to announce a cash dividend of $0.22 per share of the company’s common stock. In the second quarter of fiscal 2021, iPhone sales increased by 65 percent year over year. The stock rose 1.2 percent on May 6 to $129.66, making it the second day in a row that it has gained.

Steps to Buy Apple Stock

To buy Apple stock, you’ll need to open a brokerage account, set up a trading account, deposit funds, and then start buying shares. Anyone can invest in this business because it is a public offering.

Step 1: Select a Brokerage

You first need to find a brokerage that allows you to buy shares of Apple. Some brokerages may not have access to the NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange, so you will need to thoroughly review them before you try to invest in any stocks.

If this is your first time buying stock, you’ll have to create a brokerage account. You’ll start by putting a buy order through your broker’s trading site after you’ve activated and added a payment method to your account.

Step 2: Open the Trading Account

You’ll need to open an account after you’ve found the right brokerage. This account can only be accessed online and will allow you to manage stocks in your portfolio. All you will need to do so is an email account, and then you can open up your own trading account.

Step 3: Deposit Funds Into the Account

Once you have a payment method on your account you can deposit funds which you would use to buy Apple shares. The next step is to determine how many shares of Apple stock you would like to purchase.

Step 4: Search for the Apple Ticker Symbol APPL

Every stock has a ticker symbol that is used to identify publicly traded shares stocks on the market. Once you are ready to start investing in stock you will need to to look up the Apple tick symbol “APPL”. 

Step 5: Purchase Apple Stock

You’d go to your online brokerage, browse for Apple stock, enter the number of shares you want to purchase, and click “Buy”. After you’ve bought your Apple stock, you’re not done yet. It is now important to keep track of your shares and how the stock is performing.

Is Apple Stock a Buy Right Now?

Whether or not you can buy Apple stock should be based on your financial objectives. Apple has steadily shown decent financials, with a 52-week high stock price of $145.09 and a low of $130.21. You should consider contacting a trusted financial planner if you want help investing in Apple stock. Apple might be a good investment for you if you’re searching for a stock that can produce excellent long-term returns.