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Best Stock Trading Schools 

If you’re looking to earn side income, or perhaps pursue trading full time, learning how to become a consistently profitable trader is a must! We’ve researched many different stock trading schools, and created a list of the best stock trading schools you can enroll in today to take your trading to the next level.

Learning to trade stocks is no easy task. There is not only a lot of skill that goes into this equation, managing your emotions is also a key component.

Whether you’re a veteran trader, or looking to learn about stock trading, the following classes can be of great value to you. 

Quicklook: Best Stock Trading Schools

  • Khan Academy — Best For Free and Detailed Education
  • Investors Underground — Best For a Fully Immersive Experience
  • Udemy — Best For Establishing a Quick Foundation 
  • TD Ameritrade — Best For All Levels of Stock Trading and Investing
  • Coursera — Best For an Overview of Financial Markets and the Economy

Table of Contents

5 Best Options for Stock Trading Schools

Let’s now cover our 5 best stock market trading schools that can propel your trading results to the next level. 

Khan Academy

Best For Free and Detailed Education 

Khan Academy offers educational information on just about any topic! One of those topics is of course stocks and bonds. Khan Academy’s Stock and Bonds class is highly rated, and covers a great deal of information. 

What You’ll Learn: Students will learn a wide range of topics, such as; how to buy, sell, and short a stock, how to manage risk, the life of a company, leveraged buy-outs, and introduction to both the stock and bond markets. 

Standout Features: This course builds on itself as the student progresses through the learning modules. 


  • The course has numerous videos around specific topics
  • You can access the course online or from a mobile device
  • You can watch the videos as often as you’d like 


  • This is a very theoretical based class and does not dive as deep into specific examples as other courses
  • The course is not as interactive as other courses. You simply watch the videos or read the material. 

Pricing: This course is free! 

Investors Underground

Best For a Fully Immersive Experience

If you need to be fully immersed in your education, Investors Underground may be the best option for you. They offer numerous trading courses, live chats, and a trading community that can help you take your trading to the next level. 

Standout Features: The biggest standout feature of Investors Underground is the community it provides. The live chat room allows you to interact with other traders, and discuss various trading patterns or set ups together. 


What You’ll Learn: Students will learn how they can use technical analysis to properly time their positions and maximize their earnings. 


  • Despite the information this course provides, it’s the most expensive option on this list. 

Pricing: Investors Underground provides 3 different pricing tiers, but their least expensive option is $1,897/year. 

Udemy: The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course

Best For Establishing a Quick Foundation 

When a class has a 4.6 star rating with nearly 37,000 ratings, you pay attention! If you’re looking to establish a foundation to stock trading, the Complete Foundation Course by Udemy can help you do just that. 

Standout Features: This course includes over 30 downloadable resources and 9.5 hours of on-demand video. 


  • Learning where to begin your trading career is confusing and intimidating. This course helps establish a solid foundation.
  • This course also dives into technical analysis and candlestick charts. 

What You’ll Learn: Students will learn; risk management, technical analysis patterns, and how to submit and close orders. 


  • Despite the above topics being incredibly useful, they could quite possibly be individual full classes on their own. 

Pricing: This course is $179.99 

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TD Ameritrade

Best For All Levels of Stock Trading and Investing

TD Ameritrade is one of the most popular brokerage platforms in the United States. Not only is this a world class brokerage, TD Ameritrade also provides what feels like an unlimited amount of training information, articles, and videos to their customers. This information ranges from being basic to incredibly advanced, and can teach you a great deal about stock trading and/or investing. 

Standout Features: The most notable feature must be how complete this education is. Whether you are a beginner or advanced trader/investor, they have information you can certainly benefit from. 


  • The courses and information are free
  • They offer live classes and pre-recorded classes
  • The classes can build on each other, and you can ‘graduate’ to the next module 

What You’ll Learn: These classes cover a wide range of information. From learning basic financial information, to advanced technical analysis setups, you can truly learn anything with TD’s material. 

Downsides: Finding a downside with TD Ameritrade is tough to do! With that said, the biggest downside would be the ratio between live and pre-recorded classes. They certainly offer both, but live classes are not as common (although you’ll still find plenty of options)!

Pricing: This education only costs you your time! 

Coursera: Global Financial Markets and Instruments

Best For an Overview of Financial Markets and the Economy 

If you’re looking to learn a high level overview of the financial markets and world economy, consider the Global Financial Markets and Instruments course from Coursera. This course is organized into four different learning modules that students can complete in roughly 20 hours. 

Standout Features: The biggest standout features include; the course is offered 100% online, and the course provides a certification upon completion. 


  • The course provides a high level overview of plenty of financial topics 
  • The course is neatly organized into four different learning modules 
  • You will learn the math and valuation that goes on behind the scenes 

What You’ll Learn: Students of this course will learn; bond valuation, financial topics, how to manage your money in a good/bad economy, and how the financial markets work. 


  • This course does not dive deep into any one particular product, but serves as a broad overview 
  • The course does not provide information on technical analysis 

Pricing: You can enroll in this course for free! 

How To Learn About Stock Trading?

As mentioned above, stock trading is a highly profitable, and highly emotional, business. Not only that, but stock trading is incredibly risky.

The market is fueled by basic human emotions, and the principles of supply and demand rule the market. There is not a one size fits all approach on how to learn about stock trading but, one can gain knowledge through a variety of venues, including a formal college degree, online classes, and books. 

What College Degree Is Best for Stock Trading?

One of the most commonly asked questions is – what college degree is best for stock trading? Believe it or not, there is not a singular degree dedicated to stock trading, but there are plenty of college degrees that can provide you with a strong foundation.

Such degrees include:

  • Mathematics. At its core, trading stocks has a strong mathematical background. 
  • Economics. As mentioned above, the rules of supply and demand rule the stock market. Learning these principles can help influence your trading decisions.
  • Finance. A stock’s movement is often tied to the underlying financial performance of a given company. Understanding the finance behind the scenes can help you make the right decisions. 
  • Psychology. Stock trading is built on human behavior and thought process. Learning how others think/react can help you predict their next move. 

What Makes a Good Stock Trading School?

If you have already completed college, or have no interest in attending, don’t lose hope. There are plenty of stock trading schools that can help you get a better understanding of trading. 

It’s important to note, there are countless trading strategies one can leverage. No matter the trading strategy you’re looking to learn, all stock trading schools should have the following:


First and foremost, the school must be credible. In today’s age of the internet, anyone can create a website, put together some course work, and call themselves a stock trading school. That doesn’t mean that the school is credible, or one a student should learn from.

A credible school is one that is highly rated, has proven the test of time, and is taught by individuals with a history of successfully trading stocks. 

Investor Resources

Not only should the stock trading school be credible, it should also provide a great deal of investor resources. Investor resources include chat rooms, saved classes, accessibility to information, and clear directions with examples. 

Clear Expectations and Learning Goals 

Last but not least, a stock trading school should have clear expectations and learning goals. There are countless ways to trade stocks so make sure you enrolled in a class aligned with your preferences.

You need to find a school that is teaching information you want to learn. If you’re an advanced trader, you do not want to attend a beginners class.

If you’re a beginner trader, you want to start in a foundational class that you can eventually build off of. 

Can I Learn to Trade Stocks For Free?

If you’re on a tight budget, but still want to learn about stock trading, you’re in luck! There are plenty of free resources you can use that can teach you how to invest in stocks – either in the short or long term. 

Learn to Trade, Own Your Time and Income Potential 

When you learn how to invest in stocks or trade the financial markets, you can truly own your time and fulfill your income potential. You’ll have the ability to earn income from anywhere in the world, and can work as few or as many hours as you please.

With that being said, learning to trade and invest properly can be incredibly challenging. There are certainly stock trading schools that can help you bridge the learning gap, but it’s still an intense gap to bridge.

Working with a professional financial advisor is a great way to make sure your money is properly invested and earning it’s maximum return for the risk you’re willing to tolerate. A financial advisor will not trade your investments, but can certainly help you generate additional income and realize strong appreciation year over year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Study if I Like Stocks?

If you like stocks, you will soon realize there is an endless amount of information you can study. The most useful information to drill down on is; market behavior and psychology, technical analysis techniques, and understanding the fundamentals of what moves a stock. 

Can You Go to School for Trading Stocks?

You can enroll in formal education that will teach you about trading and investing in stocks. With that being said, there is not a ‘stock trading degree’, but various classes that touch on the numerous approaches to stock trading. 

Are Stock Trading Courses Worth It?

Considering how complex stock trading is, stock trading courses are certainly worth it! Afterall, if you can learn from someone else and reduce your learning curve, that’s a major advantage.

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