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What Are the Best Retirement Planning Courses?

Despite how close or far away retirement may be, completing retirement planning courses can help get you on the right path. Retirement is meant to be enjoyed, and stressing about money or making ends meet can negatively impact the enjoyment you should be getting out of retirement. 

The sooner you can start planning for your golden years, the better! If you’re uncertain how to plan for retirement, or questioning what does retirement planning start with, this article is perfect for you. We’ll be covering the best retirement planning courses that can help you achieve your dream retirement. 

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What Is Retirement Planning?

First and foremost, what is retirement planning? The reality is, retirement planning looks different for everyone depending on their income and debt ratios, and what their aspirations for retirement are. 

However, no matter your income or debt level, the common denominator in retirement planning is determining how much money you’ll need to sustain your lifestyle without needing to work fulltime. This includes; reviewing your debt, income streams, retirement goals, and estimating your expenses. 

The purpose of retirement planning is to highlight any gaps in your finances that may impact how you live out your retirement years. The sooner you can identify those gaps, the easier they are to correct. 

How To Plan for Retirement

Understanding how to plan for retirement takes a lot of hard work. There are countless variables and scenarios that must be taken into consideration. 

If any projection or number is inaccurate, it could throw off the entire retirement plan. Planning for retirement typically involves an outside perspective to help you identify aspects that you may have missed. 

Additionally, there are plenty of online retirement planning courses to help you get ready for retirement, and will address common retirement variables and scenarios that must be considered. 

What Makes a Good Retirement Planning Course?

If you want to take a retirement planning class, there are a few things you should look for in the curriculum. 

Clear Learning Objectives 

The course must have clear learning objectives as everyone’s retirement planning looks a little bit different. Be sure to find a course that is most suited for you and your financial goals/aspirations

Ensuring the curriculum is aligned with what you’re looking for is a great first step. 

Accredited Program and Instructors

Once you’ve identified what retirement planning class you want to attend, it’s now time to validate the class is worth it. Be sure to review the program and the instructors to ensure they have years of experience in this field. 

Look for accreditation and licenses, and read any review possible. You don’t want to leave your retirement to someone who is also just learning the business and what to do. 

Access to Retirement Planning Resources

Plenty of online retirement planning courses will also provide you with access to retirement planning resources. This could include; inflation calculators, insurance advice and education, and financial plans. 

These resources are powerful tools that can make your retirement more successful. 

5 Best Retirement Planning Courses

Let’s dive into some of the best retirement planning courses on the market today! 

Udemy: Tax Saving Hacks for Early Retirement With Examples (Best for Getting a Jump Start on Retirement Planning) 

This course is great for those who want to get a jump start on retirement planning and ultimately retire early! Udemy is known for offering powerful courses that are easy to comprehend and are also rather affordable. 

What This Course Offers: This course will cover topics that help students navigate the complexities of taxes, and what investments can help reduce your tax liability. The less tax you pay, the more money you have left for investments, which can help you generate more money in retirement. 

Standout Features: There’s no excuse to not complete this class. Some of its best features include its ease of use. You will have lifetime access to this class and you can access it from your laptop, mobile phone, or even your TV! 


  • Udemy simplifies a complex subject.
  • The course is affordable.
  • The course is easily accessible.


  • The main downside is how short the course is. You will cover a lot of information, but the course is less than an hour long. You may be wanting to dive deeper in specific topics. 

Duration: The course is 48 minutes long. 

Pricing: This course usually retails for $89.99. 

Enroll in this class here

Purdue University: Planning for a Secure Retirement (Best for Detailed and Interactive Retirement Planning) 

Purdue University offers a phenomenal retirement planning course, Planning for a Secure Retirement. This course dives deep into the numerous variables one must consider when planning for retirement, including income, Medicare, and social security. 

What This Course Offers: This course is a wealth of knowledge packed across 10 different learning modules. Each module has goals, various activities that you will have to complete to progress forward, and external sources of relevant information. 

Standout Features: The course offers a wide range of learning modules that helps to break down the course materials. 


  • This course covers retirement planning on a high level from start to finish. 
  • The course is interactive, and comes with plenty of guides to make it more customizable to you and your goals. 


  • This course circulates around beginners who do not already have investment knowledge. This can be seen as a tremendous benefit, but if you’re looking for a more advanced plan, this course may not fully satisfy you.

Duration: The course is 10 learning modules long and you can work through each module at your own pace. 

Pricing: This course is free! 

Enroll in this class here

AICPA: Retirement Planning Certificate Program (Best for Professional Retirement Planning)

If you are a professional financial advisor, the AICPA Retirement Planning Certificate program may be a great option for you. This course is an extremely detailed overview of all the facets of retirement planning one must consider. Completing this course will give you 20.5 of CPE credits, and you’ll have a certification once the exam is passed. 

What This Course Offers: This course covers the multiple layers of retirement planning, including governmental and employer retirement plans, personal retirement investments, income, and expenses, and planning for retirement with special needs and consideration.  

Standout Features: This course counts as continuing education and a professional certification is issued. 


  • You will receive continuing education credits.
  • This course is a robust and detailed overview of retirement planning. 
  • It’s a fully online course. 


  • This is an intermediate course, and not for your average individual who wants to plan for their own retirement.

Duration: You can complete the course at your own pace, but access to the course is only good for 1 year. 

Pricing: The price is between $436 and $685.

Enroll in this class here

Florida State University: Retirement Planning Online  (Best for Instructor Led Retirement Planning)

Florida State University also offers a detailed retirement planning course. This course is instructor led, which is helpful for beginners. 

What This Course Offers: If you are planning for retirement and need to understand the various needs you’ll have in retirement, this course is useful for you! The course will educate the students on how to match one’s retirement objectives with plans. 

Standout Features: This course is instructor led and has various class times. 


  • You can fast track the curriculum. 
  • This is a very in depth course led by a certified financial planner.


  • The course is not nearly as flexible as a learn at your own pace course.
  • It is advised students dedicate 10 hours per week to this course which can be time consuming for some.

Duration: The course can be 7-11 weeks long. 

Pricing: The price is $450. 

Enroll in this class here

Udemy: How To Build a Massive Retirement Plan From Scratch! (Best for Beginners)

Udemy makes our list again, and for good reason. The How to Build a Massive Retirement Plan From Scratch is a great course that helps you break down retirement into bite size pieces. 

What This Course Offers: This course will cover retirement planning, and will present a side of retirement planning you may not hear about in the mainstream financial media! 

Standout Features: Its most notable feature is breaking down everything you may have heard about retirement, and presenting an alternative point of view which may help you accomplish your goals faster. 


  • The course is affordable.
  • The course comes with lifetime access.
  • You can listen to the course on your mobile phone, computer, or TV. 
  • It’s not overwhelming.


  • The course skims the surface on some topics, which may cause you to purchase more Udemy classes that dive deeper into specific topics. 

Duration: The course is 2 hours long.

Pricing: Udemy typically charges $89.99 for this course, but it is often on sale for $9.99! 

Enroll in this class here

The Sooner the Better 

The sooner you can start your retirement planning process, the better! Despite how overwhelming retirement planning may seem, you can learn a great deal of information via online retirement planning courses. 

These retirement planning courses can be as simple or complex as you want them to be, as there is a course for every knowledge level. Great retirement planning courses will teach you how to plan for retirement, and all the variables that must be taken into consideration. 

With that said, professional financial planners are often well educated on financial planning and retirement. Considering its importance, it never hurts to work with a financial planner on your retirement plan and aspirations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Plan a Perfect Retirement?

The sooner you plan for retirement, the better. You can work with a certified financial advisor on creating a custom plan that will help you reach your retirement goals. 

What is the Best Option for Retirement Planning?

Unfortunately, there is not a singular best option for retirement planning. Everyone has different retirement goals and objectives, which is why there is not a one size fits all plan. Taking some courses will help you get a better understanding of what you want to achieve with your retirement plan.

Who Do You Go to for Retirement Planning?

If you realize you need help with financial planning, be sure to seek professional help from a certified financial planner. There are various retirement certifications one can obtain, so be sure to ask this financial planner what their experience is with retirement planning.