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What Are the Best Investing Strategy Courses?

Learning to invest has an endless amount of benefits. However, investing can seem incredibly overwhelming, afterall, you’re risking your hard earned money to generate more money.

There is so much to consider when it comes to investing. Not only do you need to determine which securities are right for you, but what your overall investment strategy and risk tolerance will be.

Luckily, you can enroll in various investment strategy courses. Investing strategy courses are not only to help educate you on how to maximize your investment, but also how to protect yourself against risk.

Let’s review some of the best investment strategy courses on the market today. 

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How Can I Learn Investing Strategies?

What is an investment strategy? Simply put, an investment strategy is a blueprint that influences your investment decisions.

This blueprint contains various rules that will influence what type of investment fits your goals, and what risk tolerance you’re willing to absorb. The reality is, there are countless investment strategies you can choose from.

If you want to learn what are the different types of investing strategies, and which one is best fit for your goals, you can read books, watch youtube videos, listening to investing podcasts, or attend investing strategy courses. 

Stock Investment Strategy

Investing in stocks is one of the most common ways to invest, and therefore, has an endless amount of strategies associated with it. Stock investing strategies are  typically either a short term or a long term strategy. 

There are plenty of investment strategy courses that go over investing in stocks for beginners. Getting a foundation before jumping into the stock market is always wise.

Stocks do come with risk, and you could lose your investment if you’re not careful. 

What Makes a Good Investment Strategy Course?

If you’re looking to attend one of the many investing strategy courses, you may be wondering what makes a good course? That answer is entirely dependent on what you’re looking to learn, and what you’d like your investments to do. 

However, no matter your goals, you should take the following 3 bullets into consideration when choosing from one of the many investment strategy courses. 

Credible and Experienced Instructor

First and foremost, the course should be taught by a credible instructor with real experience in the field. The realty is, anyone can put some information together and create a podcast or youtube video.

That doesn’t mean you should be listening to that individual. Do your research on the instructor.

Confirm the instructor has years of experience working with the field, and research their formal education. See if the instructor has additional licenses or certifications in conjunction with a formal education. 

When you invest, you are putting your money at risk. Confirming you are learning from someone credible can help reduce your overall risk profile. 

Specific Learning Outcomes

Investment strategy courses should all have a clear and specific learning outcome. If you are less tolerant of risk, you wouldn’t want to attend a day trading course.

Without a clear and specific learning outcome or objective, you may sign up for the wrong course that is not aligned with your overall goals or risk tolerance. 

Learning and Investor Resources

The number of learning and investor resources a course provides must also be taken into consideration. These resources are phenomenal tools that you can use to help generate a plan, and fact check your plan at a later time.

Having access to the course and/or course material for an extended period of time will allow you to brush up on its topic if you ever needed to revisit any part of the curriculum. 

5 Best Investment Strategy Courses

Let’s review our top 5 best investment strategy courses. 

Coursera: Financial Markets and Investment Strategy Specialization

Best For Beginners With No Experience

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The Financial Markets and Investment Strategy Specialization course from Coursera is by ISB, or Indian School of Business. This course is great for those who are looking to learn more about managing risk, portfolio management, and the financial markets. 

What You’ll Learn: You’ll learn a great deal of useful information in this course. Understanding behavioral finance, risk management, and basic financial principles, help forge a strong foundation. Once this foundation has been established, you can continue to build on it through more focused courses. 

Standout Features: This course is free, which is undoubtedly one of it’s best features. 

Benefits: Benefits include:

  • No prior experience is necessary
  • The course is 100% online 
  • You can learn at your own pace 
  • You receive a shareable certification upon completing the course 

Downsides: Downsides include:

  • This course does not dive deep into specific investment strategies, but offers a great overview of the variables one must consider 

Pricing: This course is free! 

Enroll in this course here

Rice University: Investment Strategies and Portfolio Analysis

Best For Understanding the Performance of a Portfolio

Rice University offers a fantastic investment strategy course. This course is packed with a great deal of knowledge which will help you manage risk and maximize your return. 

What You’ll Learn: Upon completion of the course, students will be able to; evaluate portfolio performance, identify an investment strategy solution, review the pros and cons of various investment strategies, and understand various performance measurement tools. 

Standout Features: This course has a 4.1 star rating on Coursera, and it’s free! 

Benefits: Benefits include:

  • There is a structured learning curriculum 
  • The course is free 
  • The professor has extensive experience in the world of finance 
  • It only takes 15 hours to complete 

Downsides: Downsides include:

  • This course needs to be combined with other courses to maximize one’s knowledge and get a full understanding of investment strategies. 

Pricing: This course is free.

Enroll in this course here

Udemy: The Advanced Value Investing Course

Best For Long Term Investing

The Advanced Value Investing Course from Udemy is an excellent course that will teach you the ins and outs value investing. Value investing is what Warren Buffet credits his wealth to. This is a long term investment strategy, but it is certainly tried and true!  

What You’ll Learn: Students will learn how to screen for stocks, how to read and interpret financial statements, and how to put a value on a company. 

Standout Features: Udemy offers lifetime access to this course! 

Benefits: Benefits include:

  • You’ll learn a great deal about value investing, which is a tried and true investment strategy 
  • Understanding how to properly read financial statements is an absolute necessity
  • This course has a 4.6 star rating 
  • The course has 7 hours of video and 9 articles 

Downsides: Downsides include:

  • This is an on demand course. You will not be able to interact with the professor.

Pricing: This course typically retails for $124.99, however, Udemy often has this course on sale. 

Enroll in this course here

Coursera: Portfolio and Risk Management

Best For Risk Management

Indian School of Business offers another great investment strategy course, Portfolio and Risk Management. If you’re looking to ensure your existing portfolio is well balanced and not invested in so much risk, this course is perfect for you. 

What You’ll Learn: Students will learn how to manage risk. This includes understanding some basic financial management principles, how to analyze a security, understanding various investments and the risk associated with those investments. 

Standout Features: This course is short, you can complete it in just 8 hours! 

Benefits: Benefits include:

  • The course is 100% online
  • This course is for beginners 
  • You’ll receive a certificate upon completion 

Downsides: Downsides include:

  • This is just a high level course and does not dive too deep into any one particular topic. 

Pricing: You can enroll in this course for free via Coursera

Enroll in this course here

Zen Trading Strategies: Masters Course in Automated Algorithmic Trading 

Best For Trading Stocks

So much of the stock market is controlled via algorithms. If you want to learn how to trade how a hedge fund trades, this course may be right for you.  

What You’ll Learn: Students will learn how to follow algorithms to predict the financial market and excuse trades. 

Standout Features: This course has focus around trading, which provides great upside. 

Benefits: Benefits include:

  • Learning how to trade properly can help you generate wealth at a faster rate 
  • This course covers a great deal of technical analysis 
  • The video instruction is clear and easy to understand

Downsides: Downsides include:

  • Trading involves a significant increase of risk, and this increased risk level is not for everyone. 
  • The course is the most expensive course on this list 

Pricing: This course typically retails for $997

Enroll in this course here

Should You Enroll in an Investing Strategy Course?

Without a doubt, investment strategy courses can help you get comfortable investing your own money. However, in order to maximize the value you get from your investment strategy course, you must know where to begin.

Working with a financial advisor is also a great way to ensure you are managing risk and maximizing returns accordingly. Financial advisors are educated on the various investment styles and investment options available, and further guide you to find which investments are right for you.