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Best Investing Newsletters

Investing is a tried and true way of building wealth, however with investing comes risk. To minimize investment risk, staying in the know and educating yourself is key. 

That is where investing newsletters come into play. Offering advice to both experienced and beginner investors, there is surely a newsletter that will be of value to you.

If you want insightful knowledge sent straight to you, with excess market noise filtered out, then keep reading! Below we will cover our top 5 newsletters for investors and delve deeper into the pros and cons of each one.

The Top 5 Investing Newsletters Online

  1. MorningStar Premium:  Best Overall (See More)
  2. Motley Fool Stock Advisor:  Best for Stock Picks (See More)
  3. Seeking Alpha:  Best for Value Stocks (See More)
  4. Benzinga’s Breakout: Monthly Newsletter:  Best for Finding New Stocks (See More)
  5. Morning Brew:  Best Free Option (See More)

There are a number of different investment strategies, and newsletters provide a variety of approaches toward investing. Consider your current investment strategy to help understand which newsletter may be most appropriate for you.

MorningStar Premium

Best Overall 

Gain access to research, insights, expertise, and analysis trusted by professionals across the world by signing up for MorningStar’s premium subscription. This newsletter will provide you with ratings, rankings, picks, investment tracking, and more! 

We would recommend this newsletter to intermediate level and up investors as well as more active traders. However, the great thing about MorningStar is that they pride themselves on offering services to all levels of investors. 

Meaning that even as a beginner, you will be able to benefit from their services. Newsletters are sent out on a monthly cadence. 


  • Get access to professional level research & analysis on stocks, ETFs, bonds, and mutual funds
  • Morningstar’s ratings, picks, and insights are some of the best reviewed in the industry 
  • Premium members have access to the Portfolio X-Ray which provides around a dozen tools to help allocate and diversify your portfolio


  • Not for the passive investor
  • Price is a little high but worth it when considering the value of information given
  • Some ratings are based solely on historical data which may not align with all investor strategies 

Pricing: 14-day free trial and then $249/year 

Motley Fool Stock Advisor 

Best for Stock Picks 

The Motley Fool Stock Advisor has long been one of the top stock recommendation newsletters. The Stock Advisors’ picks have continuously beaten the market for over the past 20 years, with a focus on picking high growth stocks and holding the position long term. Overall the team has outperformed the market 4-to-1.

By signing up for a subscription, you will gain access to a library of stock recommendations and receive new stock picks each month. 


  • The average stock advisor recommendations have returned over 513%
  • One of the most trusted names in the financial industry 
  • Focus on making investing easier 


  • Only 2 stock picks a month, however this ensures quality stock picks are being recommended 
  • Not for the active investor 
  • Stock recommendations are meant to be held for at least 5 years

Pricing: for new members, it will be $99 for a full year of access

Seeking Alpha 

Best for Value Stocks

Seeking Alpha claims to be the largest investing community in the world. Access stock market news, analysis, ideas, earnings calls, charts, portfolios and more all on their website.

The best feature of all though, is that Seeking Alpha’s newsletter is sent out daily and is completely free! However there is a paid or premium subscription for users wanting additional information. 


  • Premium users gain access to stock pics that have returned 4 times that of the S&P 500
  • They publish about 10,000 stock options per month
  • Stock ratings include quantitative analysis rating, Seeking Alpha author rating, and a Wall Street rating


  • Minimal coverage on mutual funds
  • Pro and premium subscriptions may be a high cost for more casual investors 
  • Services are not meant for beginner level investors

Pricing: there are 3 pricing tiers

  • Free!
  • Premium is 29.99/month
  • Pro is $299.99/month 

Benzinga’s Breakout: Monthly Newsletter 

Best for Finding New Stocks

Benzinga’s Breakout newsletter is a monthly newsletter sent out from editor Gianni Di Poce. The goal of this newsletter is to save readers time from digging around countless news articles; by compiling all market moving research into one easy to read newsletter written by a trader who has made over 400% in returns this year. 

Stock picks are focused around breakout stocks giving you insightful information on new market entrants and keeping you up to date. The email blast is sent out twice a month.


  • Get trade-ready information sent to you twice a month 
  • Breakout stock picks with high growth potential chosen twice a month along with updates on previous breakout stock trades
  • Access to Benzinga Premium Ideas


  • Breakout stocks are often of newer companies meaning success is not 100% guaranteed 
  • Not for value or passive investors
  • This service from Benzinga is fairly new and doesn’t yet have a proven track record 

Pricing: $67.90/year

Morning Brew

Best Free Option

This next option isn’t specifically an investing newsletter, rather a business newsletter, however it is free and can most surely help guide your investment decisions. Morning Brew sends out a daily newsletter covering the top stories in business.

Get the latest information from Wall St. to Silicon Valley and find out what is driving the market everyday! This newsletter would probably be most beneficial to a day trader or any casual investor. 


  • Daily newsletter blasts will keep you in the know everyday
  • Get information trusted by professionals across several industries
  • The best part of all, this resource is completely free!


  • Unlike other choices on this list, Morning Brew does not promise to send stock picks or recommendations
  • Additional analysis may be necessary before making investments
  • With blasts getting sent out daily, it is easy to get overwhelmed or lose focus 

Pricing: free!

What Is an Investing Newsletter?

An investing newsletter is a newsletter that focuses on topics surrounding investing. This includes stock picks, analysis, charts, research software and more. 

Different newsletters will specialize in different aspects of investing, but in general you can expect to gain insights on the market and some recommendations. 

How Does an Investing Newsletter Work?

Just like any other newsletter, investing newsletters are sent out on a schedule. Most often we see investing newsletters being sent out a few times a month or on a weekly basis.

Often you will find that investing newsletters are published less frequently than other newsletters in the financial sector. This is as it takes much more due diligence and research to create quality newsletters in terms of investing.

What to Consider With Investing Newsletters

Before signing up for an investing newsletter, take these factors into account. 


Be sure that the newsletter you chose, provides you information at a pace you can keep up with. Sometimes if newsletters are published too often, important information can be overlooked. 

On the other hand, if the blasts aren’t sent out frequently enough you may lose sight of your investments. Or even worse, you may miss out on opportunities to make profit. 

Proven Track Record & Credibility 

This is a very important aspect when it comes to an investing newsletter. As several of these newsletters promise to send you hand picked stock recommendations, you’ll want to take a look at how successful their picks have been in the past before blindly following them.


Making sure that there is an educational feature in the newsletter you sign up for is crucial to improving your skills as an investor. Newsletters should act as a way to expand your mind and help you gain insights. 

These things cannot be achieved without further educating yourself.

Covers Subjects & Topics of Your Interest

The subject of investing can wither down to many subtopics. Be sure that the newsletter you are subscribed to aligns with your investment objectives and strategies. 

Different newsletters will focus on different segments of investing, so even consider signing up for multiple in order to have a more whole understanding of your investment decisions.

Research The Investment Newsletter That Matches Your Investing Strategy

An investment newsletter is a good idea for both active and passive traders. No matter what your investment style is and what strategies you like to follow, there will surely be a newsletter that will enhance your research and analysis. 

Still unsure what to do? Feel free to reach out to a financial advisor for additional guidance. Financial advisors are always here to guide you and your investment decisions, consider talking to one today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Has the Best Financial Newsletter?

Different newsletters will be better suited to different investors’ needs. Morningstar Premium has been widely accepted by professionals as one of the best financial newsletters. 

Are Financial Newsletters Worth It?

Financial newsletters can be an essential tool to guiding investment decisions. Whether they are worth it or not for one can depend on how they utilize it and which newsletter they subscribe to.

What Is the Best News to Watch for Stocks?

Generally, Motley Fool Stock Advisor is known to have a successful track record of stock picks, having beat the S&P 500 4-to-1 for the last 20 years.