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Best Performing Healthcare Stocks This Week – October 22, 2021

The healthcare industry is the industry that provides health care services. Most of today’s medications and treatments are developed, manufactured, and commercialized by companies within the health-care sector.

Today, it is a $2.6 trillion industry and is responsible for about 20 percent of the US GDP. It employs every kind of health care professional — doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists.

Due to Covid-19, some stocks in the healthcare sector have had tremendous success from vaccination and other treatment demand. Here are some of the top stocks in healthcare to watch out for.

5 Best Performing Healthcare Stocks This Week

Healthcare companies have been extremely stable on the stock market in 2021. Let’s review the 5 best performing healthcare stocks this week that investors should be closely monitoring.

1. Oak Street Health, Inc. – Up 12.00%

Oak Street Health, Inc. (NYSE: OSH). This organization is in the business of owning and operating primary care clinics. It provides health care to the elderly in the communities it serves. Griffin Myers, Michael Pykosz, and Geoffrey Price formed the company in 2012, and it is based in Chicago, Illinois.

This stock last closed at a price of $46.25 and is trading at an average volume of 1.478M.

2. Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. – Up 11.44%

Aveanna Healthcare Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: AVAH). This is a holding company that operates in the healthcare industry. Pediatric home care services are provided by the company’s subsidiaries.

This stock last closed at a price of $7.16 and is trading at an average volume of 541,367.

3. Bright Health Group, Inc. – Up 10.94%

Bright Health Group, Inc. (NYSE: BHG). This business provides healthcare products and services to both consumers and healthcare practitioners in local marketplaces. Individual, family, and Medicare Advantage health plans are available.

This stock last closed at a price of $8.72 and is trading at an average volume of 1.251M.

4. Tenet Healthcare Corp. – Up 10.13%

Tenet Healthcare Corp. (NYSE: THC). This organization is in the business of providing health care services. The Conifer section provides healthcare business processing services to healthcare systems as well as value-based care solutions. The company was established in 1975 and is based in Dallas, Texas.

This stock last closed at a price of $70.45 and is trading at an average volume of 998,381.

5. Anthem, Inc. – Up 9.64%

Anthem, Inc. (NYSE: ANTM). This business offers life, hospital, and medical insurance. It has a wide range of network-based managed care health benefit programs to choose from. Anthem was established on November 30, 2004 in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is headquartered there.

This stock last closed at a price of $433.42 and is trading at an average volume of 1.282M.

How To Buy Healthcare Stocks

It’s important to understand all the steps you must follow in order to start investing in different healthcare companies on the stock market. Here are a few simple steps to get started:

1. Research Companies

A comprehensive examination of the healthcare industry landscape is the best technique for investing in healthcare companies. Just keep in mind that when you buy a healthcare stock, you should conduct some stock research to ensure you’re getting a decent deal on a solid stock.

2. Select a Brokerage

You must first determine which brokerage you want to use before you begin investing. M1 Finance is a comprehensive financial planning tool that assists self-directed investors in achieving economic stability. Here are some popular options to choose from to start investing in healthcare stocks

Features Brokers:

  1. E*Trade — Free Stock Trading – Award winning platform and mobile app!
  2. TradeStation — Also Free stock trading – intuitive stock trading tools. Cash bonus for new accounts (conditions apply).
  • Sofi: With it’s free administration and no minimums, SoFi Automated Investing is ideal for beginning traders. They provide a wide range of low-cost investments as well as access to professional financial advisors.
  • M1 Finance: This is a brokerage that offers both self-directed and automated trading and investing options. M1 Finance has a minimal minimum deposit requirement and offers free automatic investing for regular accounts. You have access to over 80 professional portfolios. M1 Finance now allows you to place individual stock or ETF orders as well as fractional shares. Sign up for M1 Finance here
  • Robinhood: Robinhood provides you with tools to help you invest in healthcare stocks. Un-invested money earns 0.30 percent APY*, and you have more flexibility with your brokerage account compared to their competitors. You’ll even get a surprise stock in your account if you sign up and link your bank account.
  • Charles Schwab: There are no minimum requirements or fees with Charles Schwab’s three platforms. It has a fantastic mobile app, and the broker provides a variety of effective trading platforms that are all available to all trading service users for free.

3. Open Your Trading Account

You must first establish a trading account before you can begin investing in healthcare stocks. Examine each brokerage to ensure that you open an account that includes everything you’ll need to get started trading.

4. Make a Deposit & Purchase Healthcare Stocks

To start buying healthcare stocks, you’ll need to make a cash deposit after you’ve established a legal payment method to your account. After your account has been fully authorized, you may begin investing.

5. Monitor Your Performance

After making an investment, it’s important to keep track of the stocks in your portfolio on a frequent basis. Each brokerage offers its own set of stock scanners and resources to help you keep track of the details of your investments.

Should You Invest in Healthcare Stocks?

The rapid expansion of the healthcare industry has provided many investors with an opportunity to maximize their wealth and achieve their financial objectives. If you would like to start investing in healthcare stocks then you should consider contacting a financial advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Healthcare stocks?

Healthcare stocks consist of companies that offer medical services, produce medical supplies or pharmaceuticals, offer health coverage, or help patients get treatment.

Are Healthcare stocks a good investment?

Technological advancements have helped create enormous opportunities for the healthcare industry over the past decade. Healthcare stocks are a wonderful investment, and investors should definitely consider adding them to their portfolio.

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