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What Are the Best Day Trading Courses?

As a day trader, you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection and laptop. The potential to earn a great deal of money exists, and you can control your own schedule.

With that said, day trading is not easy. It’s one of the most stressful professions, and many day traders do not make money. If you want to start day trading, you should consider enrolling in one of the many day trading courses we’re going to discuss.

We’ll compare the best day trading courses below to help you get started on the right foot. 

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What Is Day Trading?

Before reviewing the best day trading courses, let’s first cover some basics like, what is day trading? Day trading is when one profits off the volatility and price fluctuation of a given security within a single day.

Day traders open and close their position within the same business day. Unlike long term investors, a day trader is not necessarily attracted to a company’s business model or fundamental financial performance.

Day traders trade price patterns and leverage technical analysis to make their trading decisions. 

How To Start Day Trading

If you’re curious to know how to start day trading, you may be surprised to learn it doesn’t take much to get started! As long as you have a brokerage account with at least $25,000, you can start day trading.

Sure, saving up $25,000 can be challenging, but there are no licenses or formal education requirements needed to trade your own money. With that said, day trading is extremely risky.

This risk comes with the opportunity to generate a great deal of money, but you can also lose what you invest. Before jumping into the day trading pool head first, it’s strongly recommended to learn more about this profession.

There are various day trading courses that can help educate you on the various day trading strategies, and tools you can leverage to make the most informed trading decisions. 

What Makes a Good Day Trading Course?

There are countless day trading courses available today. From youtube videos, to expensive trading seminars, or free online day trading courses, there is certainly no shortage of information.

Good day trading courses have the following characteristics:

Investor Resources

Day trading courses should all have investor resources. These resources could be a live chat room, how to videos on various technical analysis subjects, or step-by-step instructions on how to use your trading platform to its full potential.

The more quality resources the course offers, the better! 

The Course Fits Your Needs 

The day trading course should fit your needs. There are plenty of day trading courses for beginners, but there is also a wide variety of day trading courses for advanced traders.

Finding a course that fits your learning goals and your education requirements, will help set you up for success. 

Taught by Experts or Professionals 

Last but not least, the various day trading courses you’re thinking about enrolling in should all be taught by professionals. You want to make sure you’re learning from someone who has a track record of success.

It’s easy to post a youtube video and pretend you know what you’re talking about. It’s another thing to have years of experience in the field, and a history of success. 

Are Day Trading Courses Worth It?

Are day trading courses worth it? If you are attending one of the best day trading courses, they are certainly worth it!

Learning tips, tricks, patterns, or what not to do from someone who has the experience can help you reduce the amount of money you lose, and could help you make smarter investing decisions. 

5 Best Options for Day Trading Courses

If you’re serious about using day trading courses to help bridge your knowledge gap, consider enrolling in some of our favorite courses. Here are our top 5 best day trading courses. 

Udemy: Day Trading 101 How to Day Trade Stocks for Passive Income

Best For Side Income


If you’re looking to generate passive income on the side, consider enrolling in the Passive Income Day Trading Course Udemy offers. This course is a wealth of knowledge, and will help you feel more comfortable to take your first step. 

What This Course Offers: This course is packed with over 4 hours of on-demand videos, and 3 articles that you can reference at any time. 

Standout Features: Udemy makes learning easy. Students will have lifetime access to the course, and you can access the course from a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. 


  • Students will learn how to read certain technical analysis charts and patterns 
  • Be able to identify support and resistance levels 
  • Students will understand the relationship between price and volume 


  • The course is only 4 hours long. Despite being a wealth of knowledge, 4 hours goes by too quickly! 

Cost: This course typically retails for $99.99 but is often on sale. 

Enroll in this course here

Bear Bull Traders

Best For a Fully Immersive Experience 

Bearbulltraders offers a fully immersive day trading course and experience. Their course starts at the ground level, but as you grow as a trader, you can advance into more technical subjects. 

What This Course Offers: This course has it all. Students can engage in the chatroom, understand the psychology of the market, mingle within the trading community, leverage some of the best technology on the market, and dive deep into education. 

Standout Features: The standout feature is simply how complete this package is. This is more than a trading course, this is the full experience. 


  • The wide range of features the course provides 
  • Numerous instructors offered 
  • The full 360 trading approach that is taken into consideration 


  • This course could be viewed as being expensive. We’ll touch on the pricing below. 

Cost: There are 3 pricing options:

  1. $99/month for their basic option
  2. $199/month for their elite option
  3. $1,199 for their yearly access 

Enroll in this course here

Warrior Trading: Warrior Starter, Warrior Pro, Warrior Inner Circle

Best For a Wide Range of Material 

Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading is another great day trading course. This is a fantastic option to learn the various types of day trading and the corresponding strategies for each type. 

What This Course Offers: Warrior Trading is a full experience as well. Students have access to chat rooms, stock scanners, a simulator, on-demand education, and mentorship. 

Standout Features: Similar to BearBullTraders, it’s standout feature must be how much material the program covers. 


  • Students are exposed to a great deal of information and education
  • Students can drill down on specific trading strategies as they see fit
  • This is a great course for beginners, and will progressively get more advanced 


  • Students would need to upgrade to the Warrior Pro option to get the full experience 
  • This is not a cheap course 

Cost: Warrior Trading offers 2 different pricing tiers:

  1. Warrior Starter: This course is $997 and will renew for $197/month
  2. Warrior Pro: This course is $5,997

Enroll in this course here

Bullish Bears: Basic and Advanced Training in Our Day Trading Courses 

Best For Learning on a Budget

Bullish Bears

If you’re looking to learn more about day trading, but you’re on a tight budget, consider enrolling in Bullish Bears trading courses. There are 11 courses you can choose from, some of which are free! 

What This Course Offers: Bullish Bears offer over 11 courses. If you’re looking for a high level basic overview of day trading, they have a course for that! If you want a more specific advanced training course, they have a course for that! 

Standout Features: The biggest standout feature must be the various courses this company offers. 


  • You can be very selective about what you want to learn, or what topic to drill down on 
  • There are courses on how to set up your trading screens within various software, such as TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim 
  • The courses are affordable 


  • The website can be difficult to work through with many pop-ups and ads 
  • Customer service is typically delayed

Cost: There are plenty of free courses available! Some courses do cost money, but they won’t break the bank. For example, the advanced training course typically retails for $499/year. 

Enroll in this course here

The Stock Whisperer: Training Pit

Best For Beginners

The Dark Pools

The Stock Whisperer began her career in the trading world in 1994. Today, Stefanie shares her decades of experience with her students in the Stock Whisperer Training Pit Course

What This Course Offers: This course packs a heavy punch, offering a great deal of information on day trading. From learning about options, trading set-ups, day trading strategies, tape reading, and candlesticks, Stefanie will walk you through the basics all the way through to the most advanced material. 

Standout Features: This course is taught by someone who has decades of experience in the trading field. 


  • You’ll be learning from an instructor who has decades of experience 
  • This one course will take you from beginner to advanced 
  • The course helps you look at trading as your own business, not just a hobby 


  • The live trading chat room is not nearly as popular as some of the other options we reviewed 

Cost: This course retails for $99.97/month. 

Enroll in this course here

Day Trading is One Piece 

Day trading is a risky business, but it can also be incredibly profitable. There are plenty of day trading courses available on the market today. These day trading courses can help reduce the learning curve it takes to learn this complex profession.

However, day trading doesn’t fit everyone’s goals or risk tolerance. Working with a financial advisor is a great way to establish a financial plan that will help you hit your financial goals.

Working with a financial advisor doesn’t mean you can’t day trade! It just simply adds another pair of educated and watchful eyes to your finances. Day trading can be one piece of the financially free puzzle. A financial advisor can help fill in the other missing pieces. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best day trading course for beginners?

The best day trading course is entirely dependent on what your desired outcome is. Generally speaking, the best day trading course is one that is fully immersive and allows for lifetime access. 

Is learning to day trade expensive?

There is always a price to learn something. In day trading, the lack of knowledge is generally more expensive than the cost it took to learn the material considering how much money one could lose.

How much do day traders make?

There is no guarantee that a day trader will even make money! Many day traders lose money.

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