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What Is the Best Cryptocurrency Broker? 

Whether you’re looking for the best crypto brokers offering the lowest fees or if you’re looking for brokers offering advanced trading platforms, the right crypto brokerage firm is out there when you know what your cryptocurrency requirements are. Don’t know what your cryptocurrency needs are?

That’s ok too! Many crypto brokers have educational resources available so you’re never trading blindly. Both new and experienced traders can invest with confidence! 

Quicklook: Best Crypto Broker

  1. CoinBase:  Best for Beginners
  2. WeBull:  Best Overall Option  
  3. eToroX:  Best for Advanced and Algorithmic Traders 
  4. Robinhood:  Best for Zero Commision Trading 
  5. TradeStation:  Best for Investor Resources and Tools 

Table of Contents

5 Best Crypto Brokers

Keep your crypto trading and investing simple. Your digital assets won’t be a hassle when you’re working with one of the best crypto brokers. 


Best for Beginners


CoinBase has been serving the cryptocurrency world for nearly a decade and with their incredible experience, they only continue to grow. This growth has led CoinBase to be one of the largest crypto brokers in the world. This leads to secure trading options you can trust.

CoinBase offers traders and investors secure products that can help simplify all your crypto investments! 

Cryptocurrencies Available: CoinBase supports more than 50 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin 

Commission (Per Trade): Commission fees vary on factors including:

  • Size of trade
  • Payment method 
  • Market conditions 

Standout Features

  • Simple structure, easy to use for all traders
  • Based in the U.S.
  • No fees when transferring between CoinBase wallets 


  • One of the largest crypto brokers in the world
  • Experienced in crypto, in business since 2012
  • Financial tools and educational resources available 


  • Fee layout can be confusing
  • Fees can be higher than competitors
  • Limited anonymity when trading


Best Overall Option


If you’ve been looking for cryptocurrency brokers that truly keep the fees at bay, then WeBull is the crypto broker for you. With no fees, they keep things simple!

Their built-in markup for crypto prices keeps you in the know no matter the time of day or night. While WeBull may be one of the newer crypto brokers, with over 11 million members, they’re growing quickly. 

Cryptocurrencies Available: 15+ including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum

Commission (Per Trade): No fees; markup built into crypto price 

Standout Features

  • $1 minimum for trading crypto 
  • Instant crypto trading 
  • Funds always available 


  • 24/7 customer support 
  • No hidden fees 
  • Great for building a diverse portfolio 


  • Newer crypto broker  
  • No live chat or phone support 
  • App is not easy to follow for everyone


Best for Advanced and Algorithmic Traders

When you’re ready to take the next step with crypto trading and you’re looking for one of the more advanced crypto brokers, eToroX is your team. eToro boasts one of the world’s leading trading platforms so it’s no surprise that eToroX offers the same. With advanced special orders, your trading capabilities are no longer limited! 

Cryptocurrencies Available: 20+ including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, and EOS

Commission (Per Trade): Default of 5 bps, varying maker-taker fees 

Standout Features


  • Excellent customer support 
  • Both desktop and mobile app supported 
  • Secure trading and storage options 


  • Not ideal for beginner traders 
  • Limited cryptocurrencies supported 
  • Not as secure as competitors 



Best for Zero Commission Trading

When streamlined trading is what you’re looking for in a crypto broker, Robinhood is the broker for you. With no brokerage account fees, you can trade without the costs many other brokers stick you with. Customizable alerts and more keep this simple platform easy to use for any trader. 

Cryptocurrencies Available: 15+ including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more 

Commission (Per Trade): Zero commissions 

Standout Features

  • Uniform interest rates 
  • Ease of use for all smartphone users 
  • Boasts some of the lowest crypto broker costs 


  • Business transparency 
  • U.S. Based 
  • Ideal for small and large investors 


  • Newer crypto broker 
  • Plain trading platform 
  • Limited educational resources 


Best for Investor Resources and Tools


TradeStation certainly isn’t new to the brokerage world. As an experienced broker, they now boast an impressive reputation as one of the best crypto brokers across the world. With new lower fees to appeal to traders of all levels, TradeStation offers products for every crypto trader and investor. 

Cryptocurrencies Available: 5 including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum 

Commission (Per Trade): Commission fees vary depending on TradeStation GO or TradeStation Select accounts 

Standout Features

  • Hassle-free trading platform
  • TS Crypto accounts automatically designed to start earning interest
  • No lock up period for accounts


  • Educational resources customized to you
  • No hidden fees 
  • Mobile and desktop friendly


  • Limited cryptocurrency options 
  • Limited customer service 
  • Not as beginner trader friendly

What Is a Cryptocurrency Brokerage?

A cryptocurrency brokerage is similar to a traditional brokerage, however a cryptocurrency brokerage supports cryptocurrencies. These brokerages provide a website or platform for traders to buy and sell cryptocurrencies at set prices. 

How Does a Crypto Brokerage Work?

The best crypto brokerage will provide secure trading options for all your cryptocurrency requirements. A crypto brokerage is essentially your middleman for buying and selling cryptocurrency. A crypto brokerage allows you to facilitate your own crypto trades. 

Cryptocurrency Benefits & Downsides

As crypto only continues to be integrated into people’s daily lives more, the potential for major profits appeals to all kinds of investors and traders. Cryptocurrency trading does come with its risks, as does all trading, but the best crypto brokers continue to help mitigate those risks whenever possible. 


  • Decentralized Currency: Decentralized currency allows you to remain in control of your assets. As long as you are the only holder of your private keys, then your cryptocurrency will remain yours and unable to be seized by anyone. 
  • High Return Potential: Cryptocurrencies have been known for their incredible potential to appreciate and deliver high returns. 
  • Low Transaction Fees: Many companies now accept cryptocurrency payments, cryptocurrency transaction fees are often minimal and that only helps to drive the values of cryptocurrency. 
  • Increased Security: Many cryptocurrencies are based on the blockchain, which is a secure database that differs from a traditional database in its storage structure. Data entered into the blockchain is irreversible and always available. 


  • Highly Volatile: The unpredictability of crypto can provide a major risk for traders and investors. Crypto has yet to become as stable as its counterparts, but its high volatility also helps contribute to its often high returns. 
  • Not Universally Accepted (Yet): While many companies and services are now accepting cryptocurrency for payments, it’s certainly far from all and this can make it tough to exchange and transfer your cryptocurrency for other payment methods. 
  • Taxable (Just Like Fiat Currencies): Because the IRS views cryptocurrency as a property instead of a currency, varying tax rules do apply. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Crypto Brokerage

When you’re ready to step into the cryptocurrency world, make sure you do so with the best crypto brokerage helping you along the way. 

Securities Offered 

The best crypto brokerage for you, is the one that can provide you with the securities you are interested in trading. Make sure that the brokerage you choose to trade with, has access to a range of cryptocurrencies or are actively trying to add new ones to their platform.

Credibility & Reliability 

Working with a larger crypto broker is often ideal as it allows you greater potential for buying and selling your crypto. The more members a brokerage has, the more easily you can trade within the company. Working with an experienced and reliable crypto broker will help keep trading safe and straightforward. 

Low Fees/Commission 

Many crypto brokers offer zero commission and competitive low fee options to keep you trading at a lower cost. While zero commissions isn’t always a necessary feature, it is a major benefit for traders. 

Privacy & Security 

A huge draw of cryptocurrency is its potential for anonymity. Some brokers require accounts for trading which can reduce your anonymity, but trades are far more private than your traditional currency and assets. 

Crypto brokerages offer secure features to guarantee their investors safeguard of their digital assets. With two factor authentication, cold storage, and multiple other features, the best brokerage will provide you with secure trading of cryptocurrencies. 

Other Resources / Tools

Working with a crypto broker that offers educational resources and tools is a major advantage. This often allows you to stay in the know with all things crypto without having to do the laborious research yourself. Whether you’re a new or experienced crypto trader, having the proper resources is valuable! 

Crypto Broker vs. Crypto Exchange

With both crypto brokers and crypto exchanges available, it can be tough to know the difference and which is best for your trading requirements. Crypto brokers sell cryptocurrency at set prices while crypto exchanges have multiple traders with varying offers happening simultaneously.  

Is Crypto Meant for You?

There are many factors to consider when you’re looking to invest in cryptocurrency. Making a plan with a financial advisor is always recommended.

The right strategy will be different for everyone and while cryptocurrency does come with its risks, it also comes with great potential as well. Your financial advisor will answer all your questions, address any concerns, and help you get set up with a plan that works for you and your portfolio. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Crypto Brokerage Has Lowest Fees?

Several crypto brokerages offer zero commission trades. Deposit, withdrawal, and other fees may apply. Your portfolio and trading demands will help you decide which broker will have the lowest fees for your needs. 

How Do I Choose a Crypto Brokerage?

Choosing a crypto broker is no longer a hassle. Look for a broker that offers low fees, higher interest options (if applicable), educational resources, easy to follow platforms, and more. Knowing what you need in a broker will help you choose the best crypto broker. 

Can I Buy Cryptocurrency Through a Broker?

Yes! You can buy and sell cryptocurrency through crypto brokers. Different crypto brokers may support varying cryptocurrencies so ensure you are working with a broker that supports your desired cryptocurrency!

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