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What Is the Best Crypto Savings Account?

Finding the best crypto savings accounts doesn’t have to be a chore. While the list of companies offering secure, high interest crypto savings accounts continues to grow, they offer varying benefits to ensure your specific crypto investing requirements can be met. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to start investing in crypto, or if you already have and you’d like the peace of mind knowing you can earn interest while things are stored securely, the best crypto savings account for you is out there. 

Look to Investment Firms anytime you have cryptocurrency and crypto savings account questions. With solid financial tips in all areas, the answers you’re looking for are just a few clicks away. 

Quicklook: Best Crypto Savings Accounts

  1. BlockFi — Best for Newer Crypto Investors Wanting a High Yield Savings Account
  2. Coinbase — Best for Those With USD Coins 
  3. Celcius — Best for Bitcoin Investors 
  4. TradeStation — Best for a Monthly Compounding Savings Account
  5. CoinZoom — Best for Easy Transfers 
  6. Crypto.com — Best for Extensive Crypto Options
  7. Gemini — Best for High-Quality Security

Table of Contents

7 Best Crypto Savings Accounts 

Cryptocurrencies continue to come about and with so many options to earn interest when you’re simply storing them, why let that money slip away? With a secure crypto savings account, you could soon be earning interest without any hassle! 

BlockFi Interest Account (BIA)

Best For Best for Newer Crypto Investors Wanting a High Yield Savings Account


Easy to follow rates and fees at BlockFi keep it a leading crypto savings account option for investors of all levels. 

Whether you’re new to the crypto game, or if you’ve been investing for years, opening an interest account with BlockFi is a smart move that will help to keep your cryptocurrencies and stablecoins protected and earning. 

Minimum Balance: No minimum balance or deposit required. 

APY: APY up to 8.25%  

Fees: No monthly or annual fees, 1 free withdrawal per month; additional withdrawal fees required

Security: Secure storage with Gemini Custody 

Standout Features


  • Crypto-backed loans available 
  • One free monthly withdrawal for both crypto and stablecoin
  • Cash back credit card available 


  • Doesn’t support all types of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins
  • Rates may vary

Bonus Offer: $250 bonus in BTC with $25 deposit 


Best For Those with USD Coins


One of the best and largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase was created to ensure secure storage for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

What started as a digital wallet turned into much more and Coinbase now offers a trusted crypto savings account among their other products. With a simple structure, this remains a leading option for beginner and advanced traders. 

Minimum Balance: No

APY: Up to 4.0%

Fees: No withdrawal fees, various trading fees apply 

Security: Less than 2% of customer’s funds stored online, secure offline storage

Standout Features

  • US based
  • Simple structure


  • Rewards card available for residents in US
  • Large number of US cryptocurrencies supported


  • Lower interest rates than competitors 
  • Hard to resolve issues over phone 

Bonus Offer: $5 bonus in BTC when you sign up

Sign up with Coinbase here


Best For Bitcoin Investors 


A great competitor for BlockFi, Celsius shares similar benefits, but they do offer higher interest rates for Bitcoin. 

While this makes Celsius an ideal crypto savings account for Bitcoin investors, it’s also a trusted option for more than forty other cryptocurrency and stablecoins as well. Celsius is partnered with many reliable institutions to ensure your investment is always available. 

Minimum Balance: No minimums required 

APY: APY up to 17.78%

Fees: No monthly or annual fees other than interest fees

Security: Partnered with Fireblocks 

Standout Features

  • Incredible interest rates for Bitcoin
  • Unlimited free withdrawals
  • User friendly app


  • Weekly payouts 
  • Large selection of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins available
  • Loyalty reward tier


  • CEL rewards are not available for U.S. holders
  • Not FDIC or SIPC insured

Bonus Offer: $50 BTC bonus with minimum $400 deposit with new accounts


Best For Monthly Compounding Savings Account


TradeStation has been serving investors for decades and has recently opened their crypto services to ensure all currencies can remain secure. 

Initially appealing to more veteran traders, TradeStation has recently lowered their fees to be the ideal crypto savings account for all crypto investors. 

Minimum Balance: No minimum balance for TS GO, $2,000 minimum account balance for TS Select 

APY: Up to 6%

Fees: Fees vary for TS GO and TS Select accounts 

Security: Secure crypto storage available 

Standout Features

  • Available for both mobile and desktop users 
  • Extensive trading platform 
  • Excellent customer support


  • No hidden fees
  • No withdrawal penalties 
  • Massive educational resources available for all traders


  • Brokerage service
  • Lower interest rates 
  • Plans aren’t as simple as competitors 

Bonus Offer: $50 – $5,000 cash credit with minimum deposit of $5,000


Best For Easy Transfers 


With the ZoomMe service, CoinZoom keeps crypto transfers easy for their users. While based in the US, CoinZoom remains a reliable option around the world and supports more than 25 cryptocurrencies. 

When you’re looking for a crypto savings account that can securely manage all your crypto needs, CoinZoom is a dependable choice.

Minimum Balance: No 

APY: Up to 10% APY

Fees: Withdrawal fees dependent on payment method; trading fees apply 

Security: Partnered with Gemini for secure offline cold storage  

Standout Features:

  • More than 40 cryptos supported
  • 20% bonus interest potential available for VIP customers
  • Earn interest on USD and crypto deposits 


  • No long term commitments required
  • Supported in 192 countries 


  • Only paid out monthly 
  • Necessary app updates can be an issue 

Bonus Offer: $10 sign-up bonus 


Best For Extensive List of Crypto Supported 


A reliable crypto savings account is available at Crypto.com with their Crypto Earn option. Making it easier than ever to spend your cryptocurrency, they brought out  the Crypto.com Visa Card. 

Securely storing and trading your cryptocurrencies is a breeze when you sign up with Crypto.com! 

Minimum Balance: No

APY: Up to 14.5%

Fees: Trading and withdrawal fees vary  

Security: Partnered with Ledger for secure cold storage 

Standout Features

  • Automated spending process with available Visa card 
  • No lock up terms 


  • User friendly 
  • No deposit fees 


  • Sign up promotions change often 
  • App only, no desktop access available
  • While over 90 cryptocurrencies are supported, less than 30 are available in all US states 

Bonus Offer: Sign up bonus of $50 in CRO


Best For High-Quality Security 


While Gemini has been in the finance industry for years, they’ve recently joined the companies that offer the potential to earn money back on your cryptocurrencies. 

With Gemini Earn, they offer one of the best crypto savings account options for those looking for unmatched security measures. 

Minimum Balance: No

APY: Up to 8.05% 

Fees: No withdrawal fees, varying trading and cold storage custody fees 

Security: Trusted online Hot Wallet and offline Cold Storage

Standout Features

  • US based 
  • Boasts an impressive security record that has never been hacked 
  • Easy to use platform


  • Over 50 cryptocurrencies 
  • Both beginner and advanced platforms available 


  • Customer service is lacking  
  • Payment methods limited 

Bonus Offer: $10 of Bitcoins for signing up

What Is a Crypto Savings Account?

While a crypto savings account is vastly similar to a bank’s traditional savings account, there are several differing factors. 

It’s important to know that digital assets are not FDIC or SIPC insured and while this makes any cryptocurrency more of a risk, companies are available that can provide you with the secure storage you need with new earning potential. 

How Does a Crypto Savings Account Work?

Crypto savings accounts function the same as traditional bank accounts in the sense that you can earn interest by allowing the bank to lend out your assets. Interest rates vary depending on the cryptocurrency and current market rates. 

What to Consider With Crypto Savings Accounts

Security will remain a main factor to consider when looking into opening a crypto savings account, but ensuring you have an account that supports your desired cryptocurrency is a leading one to consider as well. 

FDIC Insurance

While your traditional savings accounts offer FDIC and often other insurance, digital assets, including cryptocurrency are not up for this insurance. 

Companies offering the best secure crypto savings accounts will have superior cold storage and hot wallet options to keep your assets as safe as possible. 

Accessibility to Funds

Many companies that now offer secure crypto savings accounts also support trading, buying, and more of cryptocurrencies which helps to keep your withdrawal fees to a minimum if they are present. 

Trading fees exist while withdrawals are often unlimited with no costs. 

APY / Interest Rate

The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is the real rate of interest you can earn with your assets in savings. Opening a crypto savings account that applies compound interest is an important factor to consider to ensure you earn the most interest possible.  


While nearly all companies have secure practices in place for their account holders to keep their crypto savings accounts secure, it is crucial to look for more than just account security. 

Offline cold storage with reputable providers and additional hot wallet options are great security features of trusted companies. 

Restrictions on Withdrawals 

Looking at lock-up periods and withdrawal hold times are important to consider. Every company offers a different withdrawal process and while few charge fees, there may be a period in which you cannot withdraw your shares. 

Additional Features

Depending on what you’re looking for in a crypto savings account, the additional features some companies provide may be more beneficial than others. Many companies now offer their own Visa cards and this makes it easier than ever to convert your cryptocurrency and spend it like cash. 

These companies continue to work to cater to their account holders’ needs, so make sure you look around at the different features each has to offer. 

Earn on Cryptocurrency, Whether You’re Trading or Storing! 

If you’ve been wise enough to invest in cryptocurrency, simply having it securely stored is no longer enough. You could and should be earning on your cryptocurrency and there are several trusted crypto savings accounts out there to help you ensure you have one you can completely utilize for all your crypto needs. 

Investment Firms is here to help keep you educated so you can plan and invest both wisely and safely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Percentage of Savings Should Be In Crypto?

The best percentage of your savings to have in a crypto savings account depends on your own portfolio. Investing between 2% and 5% of your portfolio tends to be recommended and safer with cryptocurrency. Investing no more than 3% of your assets or net worth is recommended.

How Risky Are Crypto Savings Accounts?

Digital assets aren’t insured by the FDIC, but storing your cryptocurrencies in a trusted crypto savings account does provide you with the most secure storage possible.

Are Bitcoin Savings Accounts Safe?

Bitcoin and other crypto savings accounts continue to be made safer every day. With extensive secure cold storage and hot wallet services, storing and having access to your cryptocurrencies is secure and simple with the right crypto savings account.


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Trade With Real-Time Market Data — TradeStation!

Free stock trading - intuitive stock trading tools. Cash bonus for new accounts (conditions apply). Open an account today to unlock your trading potential.