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Best Performing BioTech Stocks This Week – September 21, 2021

Companies in the biotechnology industry create medicines and diagnostic technologies for the treatment of illnesses and health conditions. If you’re searching for companies that can potentially lead to massive returns, the biotechnology business is a fantastic place to start.

Within this sector smaller start-ups with recent traction coexist with huge, well-established enterprises aiming to create a variety of medications and technology. Let’s review the best performing tech stocks this week.

5 Best BioTech Stocks This Week

There are several opportunities in the biotechnology business, but as with any industry, there are also plenty of risks. As a result, choosing the appropriate investments is just as essential as making the investments themselves.

Here are the 5 best biotech stocks to keep an eye on in the next months for significant gains.

1. Zivo Bioscience, Inc. – Up 45.08%

Zivo Bioscience, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZIVO). Natural nutritional substances and bioactive molecules are studied, developed, and commercialized by this company. Howard R. Baer created the company on March 28, 1983, and it is based in Keego Harbor, Michigan.

This stock last closed at a price of $4.66 and is trading at an average volume of 11.943M. 

2. Entasis Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. – Up 12.70%

Entasis Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ETTX). This business is a biopharmaceutical company at the clinical stage. Its main goal is to find and develop new antibacterial treatments for major drug-resistant bacterial diseases. The company was established in May 2015 and is based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

This stock last closed at a price of $3.45 and is trading at an average volume of 448,854.

3. Solid Biosciences, Inc. – Up 11.41%

Solid Biosciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: SLDB). This company works on developing therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy sufferers (DMD). The firm was formed in March 2013 and is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This stock last closed at a price of $3.10 and is trading at an average volume of 311,267.

4. Viridian Therapeutics, Inc. – Up 11.09%

Viridian Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRDN). This is a biopharmaceutical business in the clinical stage that focuses on the development of unique RNA-targeted medicines. William S. Marshall and Bruce L. Booth started the firm in February 2006, and it is based in Boulder, Colorado.

This stock last closed at a price of $12.57 and is trading at an average volume of 40,818.

5. BiomX, Inc. – Up 10.90%

BiomX, Inc. (AMEX: PHGE.U). This business specializes on the development of bacteriophage-based therapeutics for the treatment and prevention of diseases caused by microbiome dysbiosis. The company was created in March 2015 and is based in the Israeli town of Ness Ziona.

This stock last closed at a price of $6.79 and is trading at an average volume of 270.5K.

How To Buy BioTech Stocks

Investing in biotech stocks can be done in a few easy steps. In no time, you will be on your way to investing in some of the best performing biotech stocks.

1. Research Companies

It is critical to conduct research on any companies that you intend to invest in and add to your portfolio. Many investors are attracted to the Biotech industry due to its unparalleled stability and remarkable development potential.

In this sector you can invest in biotech funds in businesses that are developing next-generation medicines. Prospects in biotechnology stocks appear to be expanding all the time.

2. Select a Brokerage 

Before you get started investing, you need to select your preferred brokerage to work with. Here are some popular options for investing in biotech companies:

Features Brokers:

  1. eTrade — Free Stock Trading – Award winning platform and mobile app!
  2. TradeStation — Also Free stock trading – intuitive stock trading tools. Cash bonus for new accounts (conditions apply).
  • M1 Finance: This brokerage provides a mix of self-directed and automated trading and investing solutions. M1 Finance offers a low minimum deposit requirement and automatic investing for ordinary accounts at no added charge. More than 80 professional portfolios are available to you. Also, individual stock or ETF orders, as well as fractional shares, are accessible through M1 Finance. Sign up for M1 Finance here
  • Merrill Edge: Merrill Edge’s portfolio analysis tools give a thorough examination of your assets. The mobile apps allow you to trade stocks, options, and mutual funds, but you cannot trade fixed income. Merrill Edge does not charge commissions on online stock, ETF, or OTCBB trades.
  • Vanguard: Vanguard is an excellent option for traders because of its diverse fund selection. Vanguard charges a 0.3 percent annual fee and requires a minimum investment of $50,000. 

3. Open Your Trading Account

You must first create a trading account before you can begin investing in biotech stocks. Investigate each brokerage so that you may establish an account that includes everything you need to start making investments.

4. Make a Deposit & Purchase BioTech Stocks

After you’ve linked a valid payment method to your account, you’ll need to make a cash deposit before you can start buying biotech stocks. After your account has been fully authorized, you may begin investing.

5. Monitor Your Performance

After making an investment, it is important to keep track of the stocks in your portfolio on a frequent basis. Each brokerage offers its own set of stock screeners and tools to help you keep track of the details of each of your holdings.

Should You Invest in BioTech Stocks?

If you want to invest in the healthcare landscape, biotech stocks are a risky but possibly lucrative venture. They will also provide your portfolio with additional growth opportunities and can lead to excellent returns.

If you would like to start investing in biotechnology stocks then you should consider contacting a financial advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are biotech stocks?

The biotech sector consists of companies that create medicines and other technology to treat infections, medical problems, and illnesses.

Are biotech stocks a good investment?

The greatest biotech stocks to purchase right now have excellent prospects, and several already have market-leading medicines. The COVID-19 pandemic has generated enormous opportunities for biotech companies working on possible cures and vaccinations.

Do any biotech stocks pay dividends?

Investing in biotech firms may provide investors with consistent income flows, returns, and even dividend stocks. If you want to bet on the future of healthcare, biotech stocks are a risky but possibly lucrative bet.

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